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Alison Casey
Assistant Editor

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Quidditch Quickly coming to KWU

With the school's decision to add a Harry Potter major, a new sports team will be coming to KWU. Quidditch is the popular sporting event which arose from the popular book series. Although us muggles cannot fly on broomsticks there is a non-magic version we can participate in. Quidditch teams are not uncommon at universities in the United Sates. Universities such as Harvard, John Hopkins, and Stanford, all h ...

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Life after college: steps for a killer interview

We’ve heard the horror stories of interviews gone wrong. It’s not easy getting through interviews if you are underprepared. The interview process can vary from job to job but the most important thing to an interview is to be prepared. Before you apply for a job look over your resume. Is your resume up to date? Are there any errors? Does your resume flow? A resume determines whether or not you’ll be consider ...

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Etiquette Dinner

On Monday, February 20, Student Development hosted the annual Etiquettes Dinner at Martinelli's Little Italy. This event was aimed to help students learn the proper etiquette to dining with professionals. Along with learning the basics of dining etiquette those in attendance also had the opportunity to interact with local community professionals. The overall night was successful with both students and commu ...

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Movie Review: A Dog’s Purpose

Dog lovers unite for this sweet tale which follows the spirit of a dog as he attempts to find his purpose in life. This film is an adaptation of the novel written by W. Bruce Cameron, which was published in 2010. The film has a simple storyline which is easy to follow. The first substantial dog life that is explained in depth is with Bailey, whose owner is a young Ethan. In this life, Bailey starts to form ...

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Alternative Facts the New Facts

Alternative Facts Facts drive the media and people have certain expectations for the news. Since the Trump administration took over the White House there have been incidents with alternative facts. These alternative facts have media outlets in an uproar. This started January 21, during a press conference after Sean Spicer, the White House Press Secretary, commented on the size of the crowd attending Preside ...

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