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Hannah Flynn

My name is Hannah Flynn and I am from Middletown, California. It's a small town in Northern California with a population of one thousand. I am a freshman this year at Kansas Wesleyan and I am majoring in Business Management with a minor in Communications. One day I hope to own my own non profit organization.

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No Friends in the KCAC

[media-credit id=10 align="aligncenter" width="1024"][/media-credit] Tuesday night, November 8,  the Kansas Wesleyan Coyotes took on the Friends University Falcons in the KCAC Quarterfinals. The Coyotes came out on top in three sets, sweeping the Falcons from the tournament, and ending their season. There was high energy, communication, and an immense amount of positivity from both sides. There was never a ...

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The Apple of my eye

[media-credit id=3 align="alignleft" width="225"][/media-credit] Zombies, ghosts, witches, and many more creatures were walking the streets of Salina and every other town and city throughout the United States on the 31st of October. Halloween is a fun time for people of all ages. Young children, high schoolers, college students, young adults, and parents enjoy the festivities surrounding the holiday. With H ...

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WE Games

[media-credit id=3 align="aligncenter" width="960"][/media-credit] Group effort and communication were two key factors in trying to get through the games at the Wesleyan Experience Olympics this year. Over one hundred freshmen met in Muir Gym and [media-credit id=3 align="alignright" width="300"][/media-credit] Mabee Arena to grow as a class and to build stronger bonds. They were challenged both physically ...

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Sticky Situation

[media-credit id=3 align="alignleft" width="300"][/media-credit] Have you ever sat in gum and ruined a new pair of jeans? Or even an old pair that you loved? I know I have and it’s terrible. I feel as though I have ruined my jeans forever. However, that is not the case. There is a simple and quick way to remove gum from your clothes. Es on, and and ice cube. To begin this gum removal process you will need t ...

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Campus Safety

[media-credit id=3 align="alignleft" width="226"][/media-credit] Campus safety has been a vital element when searching for the perfect college to attend. Recruits for sports don’t want to have to worry about things like campus rapes, murders, or abuse cases. Recently there have been a lot of stories of that sort on campuses across the United States. However, here at KWU that isn’t the case. There has not be ...

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A Child of Divorced Parents

The holidays are a crazy time already, but having parents who are divorced can make it even crazier. Growing up with divorced parents was a blessing and a burden. Sure it has its perks during the holidays like two sets of presents for Christmas, two Thanksgiving dinners, two boxes of chocolate on Valentine’s day, but it can also leave you in a really tight spot. My family has always been extremely loving, w ...

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Order on the Court

[media-credit id=5 align="aligncenter" width="1024"][/media-credit] After finishing 1-2 in Chicago, the Yotes came out strong in their sweep over York College in their opener of the LaQuinta-KWU Invitational Tournament. After trailing by seven points, the Yotes fought back and took the first set against the Panthers. After Kelsey Plummer received a kill, giving the Coyotes possession of the ball, they went ...

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May the Course be With You

[media-credit id=3 align="aligncenter" width="300"][/media-credit] The Kansas Wesleyan Coyote cross country runners had a tough break last Saturday, September 3, 2016, under new coach Chris Sandefur. The Yotes began their season at the Bob Timmons Classic at Rim Rock Farm, hosted by the University of Kansas. After being thrown into the meet with three NCAA Division 1 schools, the Yotes ran their hardest but ...

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In Like Flynn: The Grease Theory

[media-credit id=3 align="alignleft" width="243"][/media-credit] During the 1978 classic, Grease, the song Summer Nights by Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta reveals a theory that fans are going crazy over. In the song, John Travolta sings the line “I saved her life, she nearly drowned,” and the theory is that Travolta, or Danny, never saved her life and she did drown in the ocean. This means that the re ...

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Nailed it: Get the Perfect Nails Every Time

[media-credit id=3 align="alignleft" width="94"][/media-credit] Many people, when wanting to look good, want to go and get their nails done. However, that can become very pricey and your nails can end up looking terrible if you don’t go to the right place. So, to avoid breaking the bank and a horrible nail job, here’s how to paint your nails the proper way. First, you need to make sure your nails are filed ...

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