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Kansas Wesleyan announces two new majors for Fall

In last week’s department meeting, Kansas Wesleyan officials announced a few new majors that will be added to the new catalog. Starting next year, KWU will be offering two unique majors to students to help them into a more modern day society. The first major announced was a Zombie Apocalypse major. “We hope to teach students the skills needed to survive, and take care of their communities in the case of the ...

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Rihanna to perform at 2017 Graduation

Over the Spring Break, award-winning singer Rihanna announced she will be performing at the 2017 KWU Graduation. Rihanna announced the news by posting a picture of Casey the Coyote on her Instagram page with the caption, “so excited to announce I will be performing two songs at Kansas Wesleyan University for their 2017 Graduation #suchanhonor.” Rihanna’s Team spoke to the Advance about the news stating they ...

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Friends of the River

Friends of the River is an organization dedicated to returning the Smoky Hill River to being a part of Salina's identity. It started in 2009 with six people. The story goes, one of the founders of the organization was complaining about the conditions of the river one night at dinner when his wife said to him, “stop talking about it and do something”. Jane Anderson executive director for Friends of the River ...

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What is Lent?

On Wednesday, March 1, millions of people around the world went to a church service to start off the season of Lent. Ashes from palm branches were placed on their foreheads as a sign of remorse, repentance, and mourning. Lent is a tradition that mirrors the forty days Jesus spent fasting in the wilderness; an event written about in the gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. But what is lent? For most people, a ...

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Etiquette Dinner

On Monday, February 20, Student Development hosted the annual Etiquettes Dinner at Martinelli's Little Italy. This event was aimed to help students learn the proper etiquette to dining with professionals. Along with learning the basics of dining etiquette those in attendance also had the opportunity to interact with local community professionals. The overall night was successful with both students and commu ...

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Coyotes Question Carly Fiorina

On Wednesday, February 8th, many of the faculty and students of Kansas Wesleyan attended the annual Chamber of Commerce dinner. Attendees from KWU included President Matt Thompson and his wife Jennifer Thompson, Paula Hermann and her husband Mike Hermann, Provost William (Bill) Backlin, Dr. David Silverman, and students Autumn Zimmerman, Alison Casey, Ethan Resh, and Trail Spears. The Coyotes were well repr ...

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KWU students lobby at the Capitol

On Tuesday, February 7th, four Kansas Wesleyan students took a trip to Topeka to speak to members of the state House of Representatives and the state Senate. During this venture the four students, Trail Spears, Kobee McKorkle, Kaleb Whitehair, and Autumn Zimmerman, as well as trip sponsor Nate Thies, spoke to various legislators about the importance of private colleges and liberal arts education. The day be ...

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Coyote SGA meets for spring semester

On Wednesday, February 8th, Kansas Wesleyan’s Student Government hosted their first meeting of the 2017 Spring semester. The goal of the meeting was to establish a timeline of events that will be taking place over the course of this semester, as well as discuss the budget, and new club information. The first big topics presented by the student representatives was for the semester budget and senior class pre ...

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Avenues of Spiritual Development at KWU

One of the unique aspects of Kansas Wesleyan is their acceptance and encouragement for students who are interested in growing spiritually. Being a private university, Kansas Wesleyan is affiliated with the Methodist Church. Our university is named after the founder of the Methodist Church, John Wesley. At an educational level, KWU offers degrees in Christian Ministry and Religion. Student Life also offers o ...

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Alternative Facts the New Facts

Alternative Facts Facts drive the media and people have certain expectations for the news. Since the Trump administration took over the White House there have been incidents with alternative facts. These alternative facts have media outlets in an uproar. This started January 21, during a press conference after Sean Spicer, the White House Press Secretary, commented on the size of the crowd attending Preside ...

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