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Best of K’Dub

  The best of KWU took place on February 18, in the Fitzpatrick auditorium of Sams Hall of Fine Arts. It was an evening of presentations given by Kansas Wesleyan students for the honor of the “Best of KWU.” Each presentation was an in depth analysis done by the student candidates in their previous semester, here at K’ Dub. The Candidates were Kally Johnson,“A Sustainable and Local Food System for the S ...

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Coyotes hypnotized by William Mitchell

[media-credit id=17 align="aligncenter" width="695"][/media-credit] On Monday, February 21, I attended a Hypnotist event. William Mitchell who hosted the event at the Fitzpatrick Auditorium, was welcoming, and introduced himself to the early attendees in the audience. The event was full of K-dub students, eventually William selected 6 girls and 6 boys onto the stage to perform his true loving talent. [media ...

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Pioneering Pi’s

[media-credit id=27 align="aligncenter" width="1024"][/media-credit] Raspberry Pi’s are cool. No, we aren’t talking about the pie you eat. We are talking about the credit-card sized computer that hooks into a monitor or even TV to do computing. The Raspberry Pi Foundation based in the UK began the program to further education of children and adults in the field of computer science and related content. [medi ...

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Media Reflections: Hatteberg’s People

[media-credit id=10 align="aligncenter" width="1024"][/media-credit] Kansas Wesleyan was honored to host prolific reporter Larry Hatteberg last Thursday in Sam’s Chapel. A veteran of the industry for 51 years, Hatteberg has seen almost everything that reporting has to offer. One of the most iconic figures in Kansas journalism, the KAKE TV reporter turned down numerous national network job offers, as he want ...

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American Politics: Fringe Candidates

[media-credit id=3 align="aligncenter" width="584"][/media-credit] Throughout the country, voters are looking for change. Americans are seemingly fed up with the status quo of politics, showcased by an unprecedented amount of support for what was initially suspected to be the fringe candidates on both sides of party lines. With the GOP, Donald Trump was considered by many to be the inevitable third-rail of ...

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Garbage Pail Kids

Skeletons, torn off skin, and piercing teeth are just a few of the creepy images you can find in the art gallery located in Sam's Hall of Fine Arts. The KWU art department started off big when they invited Salina native, Brent Engstrom, to show off his work for Topps Trading Card Company. Many KWU students may not know this, but the “Garbage Pail Kids,” and “Wacky Packages” cards were once extremely popular ...

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Searching for the Truth: KWU Debate

[media-credit id=10 align="alignleft" width="291"][/media-credit] The appeal of Debate and Forensics is shrouded in a cloud of unprecedented behavior for college students. Nearly every weekend, students will spend three consecutive days depriving themselves of sleep, waking before the sun has risen above the horizon, in order to compete in some of the most academically rigorous competition in the world. It ...

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State of The Union: Can America Be Great Again?

[media-credit id=3 align="aligncenter" width="329"][/media-credit] This year's State of the Union was President Barack Obama's last one after 8 years of Presidency. Different from the last SOTU, a new face to the Speaker of the House went from John Boehner who dropped from his position last year, to Paul Ryan. Obama immediately brought to attention the success of the permanent tax cuts that happened last ye ...

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Diversity in debate

Kansas Wesleyan Debate and Forensics is renowned for their success. The members of the squad differ in many ways, from origins, opinions, and everything in between. A common trait among the squad, however, is a foundation and exposure to debate in high school. Last night, Kansas Wesleyan assisted Sacred Heart High School in hosting a high school policy debate tournament. By engaging with debate at the high ...

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Mizzou in chaos: Should other campuses be concerned

[media-credit id=3 align="alignleft" width="411"][/media-credit] In recent days people all over the nation have seen the news coverage of protests going on at the University of Missouri: the resignation of President Wolfe, the numerous students walking out of classes to participate in sit ins on campus grounds, a refusal by a football team to take the field, and a graduate student willing to go on a hunger ...

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