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Drinking to the moments

The weekend comes around, and all you can think about in class is, “I can’t wait for tonight! I’m gonna get lit!” “I’m gonna get my drink on tonight!” We’re all college students and when the time comes to let loose most of us crave for an alcoholic beverage to relax. I’m not going to say that’s not alright, because I myself am a culprit of that. I like to have my wine when I go out to eat. What I'm trying t ...

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Victoria’s Real Secrets

[media-credit id=3 align="alignleft" width="269"][/media-credit] If you don’t know the difference between a bikini and a hipkini, body mist and perfume, or lingerie and sleepwear, do some research. With Valentine’s Day coming up, I’m here as a VS Guru to give you some pointers. Know what your girl is into, whether it’s perfume, body care, bra and panty sets, or lingerie. Know what style of the above she lik ...

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What about the men?

[media-credit id=3 align="alignleft" width="431"][/media-credit] Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching, and we all know how most women feel about the holiday. But what about the men? Guys often get ignored when it comes to their thoughts. Valentine’s Day comes from both Christian and Roman roots and has been deeply embedded into American Culture. One account from the 1400's describes St. Valentine as a tem ...

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Weighing in: Cross fit?

[media-credit id=3 align="alignleft" width="427"][/media-credit] We've all seen all the cross-fit memes everywhere on social media. Cross fit has become a cult, but in the process of that it has also gained a bad reputation. Why does it seem like everyone dislikes cross fit? I've had a friend of mine who picked up cross fit and has tried dragging me into it. I'll admit that I was a little tempted to see wha ...

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Same people, simply different thoughts

[media-credit id=3 align="alignleft" width="372"][/media-credit] Every morning we start the day off not wanting to get out of bed, eventually we make it through our routines and end at our destinations. By this time we have already come up with thousands of positive thoughts and ideas. On the other hand some don’t have it so lucky; they also go through the same routines and often make it to the same places ...

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Staying true to our men in blue

Lately, there has been a lot of discussion that questions the role of police officers. However, I don’t believe we put enough thought into why some officers do the things they do, or consider that not all cops are represented by the examples given by the media. Taking on the job of a police officer is not an easy task. “The minute you put on that uniform, you’re a walking target, everybody dislikes you,” - ...

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Bicycle Lanes, not for the faint of heart

[media-credit id=10 align="aligncenter" width="1024"][/media-credit] Those of us who have become old pros at getting around Salina may no longer find it to be as easy as it once was. The introduction of the new bike lanes and bicycle friendly streets earlier this fall has definitely thrown a new loop into the act of commuting here in town. The biggest, and most noticeable, change on city streets is the one ...

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Dorm room etiquette

Living in a dorm can teach people a lot about life. Most of the time it is someone’s first time really out in the world living on their own. Yet, you have to remember that your mother or father isn't there to clean up after you, or tell you what to do; you have to figure it all out on your own. Also, you don’t live completely alone, and what you do effects everyone that lives there, not just yourself. To st ...

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It’s time to get motivated

With five weeks left in the semester, students are finding it hard to stay motivated and determined. Fall break served as a good but short break for all, yet it seems as though it left the Coyotes in a slump. Here are a few tips to get you out of the slump, and ready to tackle the end of the semester with a bang. First, set small goals for yourself; often students look at the big picture and become overwhel ...

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Getting Healthy: dieting vs. supplementation

[media-credit id=3 align="alignleft" width="485"][/media-credit] Have you ever heard that the key to building muscle is to lift heavy? Has anybody told you that in order to lose weight, you have to go on a salad diet? Don't ever believe any of that. The key to being healthy and getting fitness results that you desire all relies with your diet. Dieting plays a big role on your appearance. Unfortunately, no m ...

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