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Juggling Java

Nothing smells as good as cup of coffee in the morning.  A recent Zagat poll says that 82 percent of Americans make a fresh pot at home every morning. The average American consumes 2.1 cups of coffee a day, and there is no shortage of options for Salina and Kansas Wesleyan University students. Mom and Pop style diners where you can get a warm cup of Folgers with your pancakes, as well as Ad Astra, a popular ...

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This Kat has Claws: “Go Set a Watchman”

Since it’s publication in 1960, Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” has sold over 300 million copies world wide, been adapted into an award winning movie, and has placed Harper Lee at the top of American literature. So in July 2015 when the sequel to highly acclaimed book, “Go Set a Watchman,” was released the book managed to sell 1.1 million copies within its first week. “Go Set a Watchman” follows the st ...

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The Wesleyan Experience?

Freshman at Kansas Wesleyan University are required to take a course known as The Wesleyan Experience. To some, the class might seem monotonous, yet students often do not take opportunities they should, and do not approach the class seriously. As young adults, anything done are stepping stones to the future, and this class could be helpful in certain situations. Some may have the knowledge of certain techni ...

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This Kat has Claws: Donald Trump

On June 16, 2015, billionaire Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President of The United States with a campaign promise to “Make America Great Again!” Since then, Trump has rose in the polls, becoming a front runner for the Republican nomination. Since throwing himself into the race, Trump has proven to be controversial. The first incident came on July 21, 2015, when Trump gave out the phone number of ...

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Shake it up

As part of finishing up one of my degrees I am taking a Shakespeare class. Most of us that have been brought up in the public or private school systems have probably had to read some of Shakespeare’s plays whether we wanted to or not. I remember, in my freshman and sophomore years of high school, we were required to read Julius Caesar and Romeo and Juliet and in some schools Macbeth. These are of course ver ...

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Keep it cool over the summer

As the school year begins to wind down, you can already tell that students are checking out for the summer.  As a college student, there is nothing better than finishing school in early May and enjoying a couple of months off to attend some outdoor events.  Located in the middle of the United States, you can almost guarantee that the summer months will be scorching hot with a little rain and a lot of wind. ...

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How to be a Proper Gentleman: Restaurant Etiquette

Last week we discussed how to behave at the dinner table. This week I want to focus on how a proper gentleman should behave in a restaurant. We will discuss just a few of the general rules a gentleman should follow and then move on to other topics that a gentleman should observe such as how to deal with your server, sending back food as well as what all the cutlery is for and where it is placed. How one beh ...

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Is young engagement bad?

An engagement is a very large step in the relationship, so when do you know if taking that step is right for you? It all comes down to how strong the relationship that you have built really is. If you have a solid relationship, no matter how long it’s been, then it might not be a bad idea. You just have to be ready for it. You really have to love each other. Age doesn’t play a large role, and legally, over ...

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This Kat has Claws: R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Everyone has an opinion on everything. It could be something stupid and small like how many marbles are in a jar or something big like do you think I should get together with this person. It’s human nature to have a thought about almost everything around you, and it’s also human nature to disagree with other’s conclusion. As a political science student I deal with opinions all the time. There is always some ...

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Is Running Good?

Whoever said running is fun? Why would anyone want to run for fun? Nobody likes to run, it's just exhausting and miserable. Believe it or not, many people running for many  reasons. I happen to be part of the cross country team here at KWU, and I decided to ask some of my teammates about their opinion on running. Kira Rutherford, freshman, says she likes to run because "it's a stress reliever, and [a] get-a ...

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