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Digital Den Reviewed by Kat Davis on . [media-credit id=3 align="aligncenter" width="444"][/media-credit]  Dear Coyotes, Have you seen the Advance Facebook page? Did you know that our digital ra [media-credit id=3 align="aligncenter" width="444"][/media-credit]  Dear Coyotes, Have you seen the Advance Facebook page? Did you know that our digital ra Rating: 0
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Digital Den

profilesKat Davis | The Advance


Dear Coyotes,

Have you seen the Advance Facebook page? Did you know that our digital radio station had one too? How about the twitter pages or websites? Most importantly, did you know that these outlets help you become more active on campus?

Over the last few years, Kdub publications have been moving into the digital world. What you might not know about this move is how it benefits you. Being an active member in activities and events is part of the college

The advance before print.Amber Benning | The Advance

The advance before print.

experience, and the Kdub publications can help you accomplish that.

You might have noticed our increased presence on Facebook and Twitter. These accounts provide unique benefits to you as a coyote. Together they supply reminders of events going on around campus that you may want to go check out. This can include anything from a career fair or even a concert you might want to attend. Articles from The Advance and the newest episode of NewsDesk, are posted on both Facebook pages and if you’re featured in a specific story, you can now share that story to your timeline. This means that your family and friends can keep up with what you’re doing here, and celebrate your accomplishments. The KWU Advance pages are different since photographers will post pictures of an event for you to see or share. KKWU Radio specializes in promoting unique radio shows that you may want to check out.

As for twitter, each publication has a unique hashtag that can help you better connect. This also allows you to share your own news with us, making us all better connected as a community. For instance if you’re at an event, tell us what you think by using #advance, and we might feature it in the paper. Also if you have an idea for an opinion piece, you can send it to us via #advance. For the KKWU Radio, if you hear a song you like, tweet us with #kkwuradio. If you want to connect with all publications #kdub is our universal school hashtag. NewsDesk was newly added to our twitter feed this year. Although there are no special features for the NewsDesk twitter now, more information is soon to come.

It is time for all coyotes to come together as a community. Media and communications has changed the world we live in, it’s changed the way we connect with one another, and it’s changed the way we get our news. Student publications is apart of this movement and we ask you to join us in order to create a more unified Kansas Wesleyan.


Advance Online Editor,

Kat Davis





Paul Green mans NewsDeskAmber Benning | The Advance

Paul Green mans NewsDesk

Other ways to stay Connected:

KKWU Radio goes live!Kat Davis | The Advance

KKWU Radio goes live!


If you’ve ever wanted your own radio show you can join the KKWU Radio. The best part about this program is you don’t have to be apart of a class or a communications major to get your own show.

On KKWU Radio, there are both radio shows and talk shows that you can perform. You can choose any format that you want, and the topic of your show is completely up to you. Ryan Thies and Jackson Schneider talk about sports on their “Coyote Call,” and Timothy Burns plays jazz music on “The Blue Chip.” The possibilities are endless, and the only limit is what you can come up with.

If you’d like to join the KKWU Radio team, stop by Paul Greens office in the Sams Building of Fine Art’s.

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Chania Kirby tells us the news.Katie Merrill | The Advance

Chania Kirby tells us the news.

You don’t just read news you watch it too! Here at Kansas Wesleyan we have our own News show

called NewsDesk. The show features new anchor, Chania Kirby,

interview, Asiria Ramirez, and sports talk with Ryan Theis and Jackson Schneider. You can also stay up to date with the Coyote Calendar, featuring Haley Thompson and Cortlyne Huppe.

NewsDesk is a fantastic way to get news out to students, and you can be apart of it as well. If you have a camera or a smart phone you can shoot video that we will use on the show. Also if you would like to join NewsDesk as a crewmember or even a reporter, you are more then welcomed to do so.

To submit videos, send them to our NewsDesk Facebook page through a message. If you are looking to join the NewsDesk crew, don’t be afraid to stop by Paul Green’s office in the Sams Building of Fine Arts.

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12041345_1067244873286780_831122808_oAmber Benning | The Advance



The Advance is back and better than ever! Last year the Advance focused on building a fun new design to help encourage KWU students to pick up the paper. Moving away from the classic broad sheet style to tabloid was a huge success, leading staff to look for new ways to promote the paper. After much consideration staff moved to finding new ways to make the content exciting.

Coyotes are welcomed to join the newspaper team, regardless of major, and the topics are endless. If you have anything you would like to talk about, feel free to send letters to the editor or even write your own story as a guest reporter through our Facebook page. If you were at an event and took a really amazing picture send it to us with the #advance or message it to our Facebook page.

For more information on joining the Advance team or submitting anything to the newspaper, talk to Dr. David Silverman in the Sams Building of Fine Arts.

Click here to be linked to: Facebook, Twitter, Website




Ryan Thies and Jackson Schneider sign off for the Coyote Sports den.Amber Benning | The Advance

Ryan Thies and Jackson Schneider sign off for the Coyote Sports den.

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Kat Davis is the Online Editor for the Advance. With a triple major in Communications, Public Relations, and Communications Marketing, Kat hopes to one day be a marketing manager for a zoo. When not drowning in homework, Kat is helping out with the KWU Communications and Theater department.

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