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I am a Conservative, but I am not… Reviewed by Kat Davis on . I am a young conservative, well a moderate conservative. Those wanting to get technical, I am a libertarian, I could write an entire article on libertarianism ( I am a young conservative, well a moderate conservative. Those wanting to get technical, I am a libertarian, I could write an entire article on libertarianism ( Rating: 0
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I am a Conservative, but I am not…

I am a young conservative, well a moderate conservative. Those wanting to get technical, I am a libertarian, I could write an entire article on libertarianism (and I have) but to keep it short, I am a fiscal conservative and a social liberal.
Now, with that out of the way, in today’s current political environment, one’s party seems to define people. Conservative or liberal have become labels that come with a slew of radical stereotypes. For liberals, radical conservatives label them as this “special snowflake” phenomenon. This is where the right complains about how much they believe liberals complain. Meanwhile completely disregarding how much they complain about liberal policies. For conservatives, radical liberals have identified them as hateful, sexist racists who are unable to leave 1950’s. The notion that moderate societies can exist between these extremes appears absent from our “completely unbiased and trustworthy new sources.”
These radical ideas have permeated both sides creating nothing but loathing for each other. So much so, in many social situations, if one is to even mention favoring a view from the other platform, they are instantly labeled as a follower of that party. For me, I have a lot of conservative political views. In today’s world, this is something that can be scary to admit due to the stereotypes attached to conservatives. Especially as someone from the millennial generation, in which people immediately assume my views align with whatever comes from Tomi Lahren’s mouth.
Young conservatives exist, and their views often fail to match with our “voice of a generation model” Lahren. In order to put these harsh stereotypes to rest, I researched online and discovered many young conservatives feel the same way that I do. They feel as though these stereotypes do not define them. Below are the collective stereotypes about young conservatives and my explanation as to their fallacies
So basically, I am a conservative, but I am not…
A Racist
Since the radical executive orders passed under the Trump administration, republicans have received the label: racist. With the growing “black lives” matter movement, the weird wall meant to halt illegal immigration, and the immigration ban, it is obvious to see why we may be labeled as racist. However, many of conservatives are not racist.
In the research I conducted online about young conservatives, I looked primarily at blogs and odyssey posts from young conservatives who talked about the issue of racism. In each blog, the writers felt the need to state that even though they are conservative it does not mean they are racist. Many actually seemed to be against the immigration
executive order signed by Trump last month. Those who were explained they are not anti-immigration because they harbor any ill will towards the different immigration groups. They feel as though the current financial level of the U.S., lacks the economic means to take care of those presently residing in the U.S., let alone other people.
Close Minded
The idea that republicans are close minded does come from the radical conservative social values. Many young Americans have a hard time understanding conservative policies because of the backward way radical conservatives are towards social views. The United States of America is a country of diversity, moderate conservatives understand this. They understand the world is changing and with change people evolve with it.
From many of the blogs I read, many young conservatives are actually pro-equality and pro-same sex marriage. The bloggers seem to understand there are environmental issues in the world and it was caused by the actions of humans, which it needs to be addressed.
Young conservatives are not uneducated or unwilling to change their views on society. The shift in how the world works may even be able to explain why many in the millennial generation are more supportive for independent or third parties. Due to allowing them to have conservative views, while still believing in civil rights for others.
A Trump Supporter
This one is a big one that I can not seem to stress to people enough. Not all conservatives are Trump supporters. Just because someone has an “R” on their voter’s card, this does not mean they were rushing to the polls to vote for a Cheeto with a terrible haircut.
Donald Trump, in many ways, goes against some of the basic principles held by the republican party. The main principles true conservative people hold dear are the ten basic rules everyone has a right to, commonly known as the Bill of Rights.
During his time in office, Donald Trump has single-handedly signed executive orders that destroy the very foundation of traditional conservative values. His latest attempt was to do away with net neutrality. Basically, this is right is the freedom to post whatever you want on the internet. The executive order would be a violation of the First Amendment right.
Lastly, let’s be honest, Trump is a sexist, hypocritical liar with no regards to the Constitution. Along with his disregard for the Constitution, he has no concrete economic plan aimed at furthering the success of the United States. In short, every stereotype moderate conservatives fight to not be identified as Trump pushes the label back onto us just like he pushes his dump executive orders onto the world.
All of these stereotypes build a wall between conservatives and other political views. More people need to start understanding political party affiliation does not define them as a person. The best way to break these stereotypes is to experience people hailing from different political views.




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Kat Davis is the Online Editor for the Advance. With a triple major in Communications, Public Relations, and Communications Marketing, Kat hopes to one day be a marketing manager for a zoo. When not drowning in homework, Kat is helping out with the KWU Communications and Theater department.

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