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Religion in College: Making Time Reviewed by Kat Davis on . At this point in our life, we are living like a giant balancing act. Not only are we trying to juggle homework and classes, we are also trying to juggle extracu At this point in our life, we are living like a giant balancing act. Not only are we trying to juggle homework and classes, we are also trying to juggle extracu Rating: 0
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Religion in College: Making Time

At this point in our life, we are living like a giant balancing act. Not only are we trying to juggle homework and classes, we are also trying to juggle extracurricular activities, work, family, friends, a possible love life, a social life, hobbies, and a novel concept known as sleep. In fact, life has gotten so crazy for many of us, sleep, is considered a hobby. So we have to ask the question: when do I have time for religion? Some of us may be in love with a church we had back home and the idea of going somewhere else is not an option, or looking for another church seems like too much work. After some time, we fall out of religion and we live our lives day to day just hoping we get at least a C on the next exam.
The issues are understandable, however, at some point, we have to ask the question: is college really an excuse for taking a vacation from God? We can be honest, college is a lot of work and we may not have as much time to devote as we used to in High School. In my point of view, that’s completely okay. However, to completely give up is never okay. No matter how busy you are, or you think you are, there is always time for God in the day, or at least once a week.
Joshua 1:9 states “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” God is with you no matter if you went to College or not. Your religion is not a bad friendship you can just run away from, especially when we are praying for good grades, relationship help, and money all the time. You can not expect God to answer all your prayers if you are not spending time on him.
So no matter how little time you have in your schedule, there are a few things you can do to strengthen your relationship with God.
First off, you can start going to a church. The Salina Community has multiple churches to choose from, no matter what denomination you follow. Many churches offer multiple service times to make it more convenient for you to attend. Some Churches, like my own, even have online services for you to listen to at home, or later in the week when you have time. A church service should not take more than an hour or two out of your week.
If you do not have time for Church or don’t feel like going, KWU offers Tuesday Night Alive, which starts at 8 pm in the SAC. The service usually last an hour and deals with issues many college students are going through.
A prayer journal is another great way to grow your relationship with God. For myself, I do a prayer journal almost every night. It usually takes up only about 30 minutes of my time a day, and I’ve noted I am more productive the days after I actually participate in my journal. There are many ways you can do a prayer journal, and there are thousands of ways to make it work for you. My prayer journals are pretty simple, I have a small one-minute devotional I read, and then in my journal, I write down the day’s verse and then pray on it. I also make sure I pray for more than just myself to make sure I do not become selfish in prayer.
You can also strengthen your religion just by the way you think. Remembering your religion every day, and being thankful for the gifts God has given you is a small way to work on that relationship. It also is a great way to look for the small things in life which make life worth living and can make you more grateful for the life you have. Also, gaining a mindset that there is more to life than just yourself is a strong way to spread God’s love. Picking up something someone dropped, folding someone’s laundry instead of just leaving it a mangled mess on top of the dryers, or even just talking to someone who looks sad. While this may not seem like an obvious link to God, helping others is a strong way grow this relationship by showing the love God has given you.



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