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Paul Green
KWU Media Production Manager

Paul has been the Media Production Manager at Kansas Wesleyan University since 2005. He oversees the creation of all student-produced digital media for the Division of Fine Arts and the Department of Communication Studies and Theatre Arts. Outside of that he has no personality whatsoever. Ask anyone.

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Welcome to KKWU

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NewsDesk Spring 2018 Edition Ep. 1

The first episode of NewsDesk for the Spring of 2018, with anchor Jordan Waymaster, and Coyote Calendar organizer Keion Criswell. If you'd like to contribute to NewsDesk, let us know! Send us links to your YouTube videos, email us photos and tips and story ideas by writing to us at KWUAdvance@gmail.com! ...

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Coyotes at KAKE TV

Alleigh Weems (r) and Jordan Waymaster (l) strike a pose outside the KAKE TV studios in Wichita.A pair of Kansas Wesleyan University students were featured on a segment of the KAKE News at Noon, promoting the first-ever film festival to be held on the KWU campus. Alleigh Weems and Jordan Waymaster, both Communications students, were interviewed about the work they did in organizing and promoting the event. ...

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SHIFT-ed: A Two-Part Look at the Smoky Hill Independent Film and Television Festival

KKWU students were involved in launching a brand new arts celebration in the City of Salina during the late Fall of 2017 - the Smoky Hill Independent Film and Television festival (SHIFT). Kansas Wesleyan's Manager of Student Media, Paul Green began organizing the effort at the start of the semester, and assigned students in his Digital Publications and Media Production I courses the work needed to put toget ...

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The Fall 2015 Radio Drama Just Got a Whole Lot Bigger!

Our annual tradition of performing a live radio-drama on Halloween continues this year with Cortlyne Huppe and Haley Thompson on the stage of Ad Astra Books and Coffee, bringing to life the classic "Dark Journey". This brooding tale of slowly-manifesting madness and manipulation is a two-woman tour-de-force for our performers, but it's also just the opening act for a Halloween celebration like no other. Thi ...

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