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Olympics with Q&Q

THE OLYMPICS ARE HERE! We will discuss the olympics, life after football season, is Kansas weather the worst thing ever, and new music on Next Monday's (2/12/18/) episode. Come join us at 7 PM Central, we have a good time. ...

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What is the game that has been sweeping across college dorm rooms and game rooms around the world. Majority of college is trying to fill your free time. I myself enjoy playing video games.Right now there is one particular game that has people going absolute crazy over it."Fortnite" is a third person shooter game that has attracted over 45 million users worldwide. It's basic concepts and designs make it frie ...

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Speak Out Spread Love – an Interview with Founder Erin Jefferys

On this week's edition of the KKWU Newsdesk, you can catch my interview segment with Erin Jefferys, founder of the Non-Profit Organization "Speak Out Spread Love." Speak Out Spread Love aims to eliminate bigotry and community divisions, and recently hosted a chili feed at Ad Astra to call attention to Salina's homeless population. For more like this, be sure to subscribe to the KKWU YouTube channel! ...

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Kinoko – East Asian Culture and Video Game Variety Show

Tune in to Kinoko on KKWU Tuesdays from 3-4 p.m., where I, Stephen Loader, will give you the opportunity to be exposed to some cool stuff from East Asia. Whether it be anime, manga, Korean music, Japanese music, or video games, I hope to provide you with something that even someone with no previous exposure can appreciate. Occasionally, I will be co-casting with my girlfriend from Toronto, ON, who knows way ...

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