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Welcome to KKWU

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KKWU makes the paper

Last week KKWU's sister publication, "The Advance" featured the KKWU Radio in order to celebrate the success and accomplishment of the Kansas Wesleyan Student DJs. You can read last week's article below. KKWU Radio has consistently been a major focus of the Fine Arts department at Kansas Wesleyan. This year marks the stations seventh year, since its inauguration in 2009. The program serves as a opportunity ...

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The Fall 2015 Radio Drama Just Got a Whole Lot Bigger!

Our annual tradition of performing a live radio-drama on Halloween continues this year with Cortlyne Huppe and Haley Thompson on the stage of Ad Astra Books and Coffee, bringing to life the classic "Dark Journey". This brooding tale of slowly-manifesting madness and manipulation is a two-woman tour-de-force for our performers, but it's also just the opening act for a Halloween celebration like no other. Thi ...

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